How to Play the Game of Craps

Beginners Guide to Casino Craps


     How many times have you been in a casino, hears all the hollowing and hand clapping when the dice are passing at a craps table and thought to yourself ‘that would be a fun game to play if I only knew how?’ The problem is classes on how to play craps are rarely if ever taught in the casinos anymore. In the 90’s I last saw the signs on an empty craps table advertising lessons in craps the following morning.


When I first played craps 23 years ago, I had read Mike Goodman’s book How to Win at Cards, Dice, Races, Roulette 4 or 5 times. But when I got to the table all strategies I envisioned while read the book went right out the window and I was somewhat bewildered.  I was fortunate that I had several buddies who know the game well to ask questions and tell what to bet on because I did NOT WANT to EMBARRASS MYSELF at the table, cause confusion during the game or slow the game down. I imagine many others feel the same way.


Winning Edge acknowledges your feelings in this matter and offers Beginner Classes in How to Play Casino Craps.



Beginning Craps - $75 Special offer


  1. 2-hour instruction in  how to play the game of craps, divided into two 1-hour sessions
  2. Instruction includes how the game is played, how to bet, optimal bets, explanation of Pass Line bets, Come bets, Field bets, odds, and proposition bets
  3. Optimal betting strategies
  4. The Language of the Game, or  ‘I don’t want to sound like a fool at the table’
  5. Practice sessions with instruction
  6. Additional practice sessions without instructors or tune-up sessions before you go to the Casinos
  7. Beginners may upgrade to Advantage Classes with full credit for payments previously made for Beginner Classes

We Offer Classes until 8 pm Tues. - Friday and 6 pm Sat. & Sun


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